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Dear Customer,
Recently you should have been made aware of a Field Change Order (FCO) that Elekta has distributed to all Unity MR-Linac users.

This FCO, with reference number FCA-EL-0011 Ref: 200-01-801-007, relates to the potential mismatch between cine images and overlaid contours during Motion Monitoring.

This communication has been delivered via the standard and formal Elekta FCO contact list.
To provide you with further clarity around this FCO and to answer any further questions you may have, we have organised two information sessions via Microsoft Teams.

These sessions will take place on coming Thursday July 2nd at 8 AM and 5 PM CET.
Please feel free to forward this invite to colleagues within your Unity institute.  
Best regards,
On behalf of the Elekta MR-Linac Management Team

Patrick Gross – Head of Product Management
John Christodouleas – Head of Medical Affairs & Clinical Research
           We take your information seriously. Please see for our Elekta Privacy policy. 

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